Messages From Outerspace // LOWTOPS


All lyrics written by Ipo Pharr

Production by Riley Castillo & Jon Walls

Mix/Master by Alex Lockwood & Studio 637

Recorded at Future Kids Studios



Formed in 2015 by Riley Castillo (Bass/Producer) and Ipo Pharr (Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist), Lowtops is a digital duo with a likeness to Twenty One Pilots, No Doubt and Fat Freddy’s Drop. With a do it yourself attitude, they set out to create a sound they call ‘Space Reggae’ drawing inspiration from Deep House, Reggae and Synth Pop. Born and raised in O‘ahu, Hawai‘i the pair grew up with a heavy influence of Reggae music while also growing an infatuation with artists like Michael Jackson, Selena, Timbaland and Daft Punk. Visually drawing from their fascination with metaphysics and ufology they design their own artwork and imagery siting X-Files, Star Trek and Barbarella as inspiration to marry the sound and sight.


Riley began as a bassist for hire in 2008 playing with bands/artists Ihzzhi, Pressure Drop, Irie Love, Kimie Miner, Earl Zero and Blue Ribbons all while producing his own projects with various bands. After moving to Los Angeles and graduating from The Musician’s Institute (’15) he took gigs with Jason J, Eureka Sound, For Peace Band, Eli Mac, Chris Boomer and The Late Ones while sharing the stage with Katcha Fire, Rebelution, Iration, Don Carlos, Ooklah the Moc, Anuhea, The Slackers and many more. 


Also a graduate from MI (’10) Ipo released an independent EP and garnered half a million views on her YouTube channel even catching the attention of Katy Perry with her ukulele cover of “The One That Got Away”. She performed with The Musicians Institute at various festivals Coachella, Stage Coach and Bonnaroo and sang background vocals on “Forget Forever” by Selena Gomez, “Stars Dance” album. In 2012 she received a record contract with indie label Flood Records/Play On in Paris, France. After completing her first full length album with Producer Jon Walls and Mix/Master legend Dave Pensado, she was shelved for two years.  With a heavy heart, Ipo decided to walk away from a three album deal taking all of her unreleased music with her and went into limbo. Unsure, she continued to write music gaining songwriting credits on a few songs off of Hirie’s second album, “Wandering Soul”.


Encouraged to start a new project by high school friend, now partner Riley, the duo began their sci-fi reggae sound with a laptop and an Akai MPK Mini. They brought in long time friend, Omik to hold down the drums and began to book shows supporting bands like The Late Ones, Spawn Breezy, Eureka Sound, Gonzo and Tenelle. Entirely self funded, Lowtops embarked on their very first tour as the opening band for Hirie’s “Woman Comes First” Tour Fall 2018 prior to dropping their debut EP, “Exit” that November. Set to release a new single this summer with a follow up album later this year, it’s just the beginning for what’s to come from this cosmic couple. 



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